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Based on the Weymouth Esplanade, the Figliolini family have been running Rossi's Ices since 1937. 

We don’t have a factory set up, or lots of machines to create gallons of ice cream. Instead we have stayed with the traditional methods of ice cream manufacture, making our ice cream in small batches by hand, with love.

The flavours on offer at our ice cream parlour change daily as we make everything fresh each day. This means that whilst we have 20 flavours that we make in total, we rotate through them and make up to 2 or 3 each day. So, no matter how many days in a row you visit, you can try something new each time. But of course, our original Natural flavour is always available.  

We are proud of the fact we are a family business, we keep this at the heart of everything we do. So, it truly is from our family to yours. Here's who that is today:

Fulvio Figliolini
Third Generation

Fulvio (known by locals as Figgy) is the current owner of Rossi’s Ices. He has been creating ice cream for Weymouth for over 40 years after inheriting the business from his Father, Eugenio. But he’s not just an Ice Cream expert. During the winter season Figgy loves to create music and even has his own studio.


Aimee Figliolini
Fourth Generation

Aimee is currently a Director of Rossi’s Ices and one of Fulvio’s daughters. Aimee has recently joined her father to learn all there is to know about ice cream and to one day take over the family business. When not learning the tricks of the trade, Aimee likes to spend her free time with her dogs and husband exploring and hiking.

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We will always keep our ice cream as natural as possible. In fact, our base flavour and original ice cream is made using only 5 ingredients. 

But it doesn't stop there. When we use this base to create one of our 20 different flavours; we always try to keep it as natural as possible.


It really is "what it says on the tin". All of our flavours are made using their own ingredients for example, chocolate is made with cocoa, coffee is made with coffee and fruit flavours are made with... you guessed it... fruit. 

Our Natural flavour ice cream is also completely safe for dogs to enjoy. So, even the furry member of your family can enjoy a Rossi's on their visit to Weymouth seaside.

As you can imagine, so much has happened over the 87 years that we have been around. So we decided to highlight the key moments for you:

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