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Ice Cream Cakes

Call us

To place an order for an ice cream cake, please call us on 01305 785557. 

Follow these steps to create your ice cream cake and then let us know what you would like and the date that you would like to collect.

What's your Flavour?

What flavour ice cream would you like in your cake. Don't worry if you can't decide, you can have up to two flavours. 

A full list of our flavours can be found below.

2 Weeks Notice

Please bear in mind that we need at least 2 weeks notice for any ice cream orders. 

This helps us to ensure that we have all the ingredients that we require.

Fancy a Tipple?

We can even add your favourite spirit to your ice cream cake. Just let us know what you would like. 

For this extra, we will charge you the cost of the alcohol.

Choose your Size

Our ice cream cakes come in two sizes; small or large. 

A small cake is £20 and feeds around 6 people. A large is £30 and will feed 12+.

Get Creative

Finally, what treats would you like in your cake? 

You can have pretty much any sweets or treats (as long as we can buy them). 

We will also add a sauce to the ice cream cake - what flavour sauce would you like?

Our current list of flavours:



Chocolate Orange





Green Apple




Passion fruit

Lemon heaven

Peppermint and dark choc

Raspberry ripple

Raspberry and white chocolate ripple

Biscoff ripple

Salted caramel ripple

White chocolate ripple

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